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 February 1, 2017

Dear Internet Customer:

Total Solution Guys and NWAWireless have been providing broadband service to areas of Winston and Franklin counties since 2011. In order to more rapidly expand to meet the demands for our service, we are proud to announce we are joining forces with Cyber Broadband - a company based in Cullman County with a similar mission. Cyber Broadband Inc. has maintained a network serving rural areas of Cullman County since 2004. Like Total Solutions Guys / NWAWireless, Cyber Broadband is an innovative start-up company that provides wireless broadband internet service to outlying areas with few viable options for broadband internet access.

Effective March 1st 2017, all billing, customer support, service requests, installations, and repairs will be handled through Cyber Broadband Inc. The existing Total Solution Guys / NWAWireless phone numbers will continue to work but will be answered and administered via both NWA Wireless and Cyber Broadband personnel. Additionally, members of the Cyber Broadband team along with personnel from Total Solution Guys / NWA Wireless will now handle service calls across the entire new combined service area.

You will continue to receive the exact same internet service you receive today. No equipment is changing at this time. Your continued use of our broadband internet service signifies your acceptance of the Cyber Broadband Inc. terms of service / acceptable use agreement available on our website at :


During the month of February, Cyber and Total Solutions Guys / NWAWireless personnel will be working together to become more familiar with the operations and configuration of each other's network. Also during this time, our combined office personnel will likely contact Total Solution Guys / NWA Wireless customers to review your current service plan and verify other information. They will also work with you to make sure your billing information is up to date and show you how to access our new online management platform.

Please note in the future bills delivered via the US Postal Service will have a $2 paper and postage fee. Customers are encouraged to use our online management system.

Additionally the price of the monthly service has been reduced by $5, and a $5 equipment rental fee has been added. This is to reflect the fact radios are owned by the company and rented to the customer in our new billing system.

Both companies will continue to provide the exceptional internet service you have become familiar with. Our companies realize the vital need for broadband in rural and unserved areas, and we look forward to the future, with hope that our combined strength and manpower will expand our coverage area and the complimentary services we provide. Please visit the Cyber website at www.cyberbroadband.net for more important information. If you have further questions, please give us a call at (256) 734-1077 or 205-486-3650.

Your Cyber Broadband and Total Solution Guys / NWAWireless Team




If you'd like directions on how to pay your existing bill with Total Solution Guys / NWA Wireless, you'll pay that bill on the Cyber Broadband customer management portal as of March 1, 2017.  We are attempting to call every customer prior to their bill date; however, if you'd like to call us before we reach you, feel free to do so and we can guide you through paying your bill online. 

(256) 734-1077 - Cullman
(205) 544-2298 - Arley
(205) 486-3850 - Haleyville